It's "Game On" in the Fight to Stop Payroll Fraud

State and federal agencies are working together in Louisiana to fight the misclassification of workers, also known as payroll fraud. Already considered by the Department of Labor as being the best payroll fraud program in the Country, Louisiana officials released a notice saying it's GAME ON - literally - to fight companies who misclassify workers.

In a news release, the Louisiana Workforce Commission introduced the Government Against Misclassified Employees Operational Network (GAME ON), created to step-up efforts to catch cheating employers.

The news release does a great job outlining how payroll fraud works and why the crime is so dangerous to hard working, honest contractors and workers. That press release can be accessed, below, or by clicking here.

Playing a key role in supporting agencies fighting the problem is the Central South Carpenters Regional Council, led by EST Jason Engels. He is a member of the Louisiana Workforce Commission's Workforce Investment Council. That group promotes the development of a well-educated, highly skilled workforce through a comprehensive system, including developing strategies for skill upgrades and equitable distribution of resources across Louisiana.

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