Council Hires Three New Representatives

The Central South Carpenters is proud to announce the hiring of three new Council representatives, all brought on board to help secure more work for the Council’s 5000 members. Jeremy Hughes is the new Council representative for Local 1836 in Russellville, Arkansas. To service southern Louisiana and Mississippi, two new Council representatives for Local 1846 are Albino Balderas and Man Peavy.

Jeremy, a 10-year member but long-time veteran carpenter, is also a trustee for the Council and a delegate and recording secretary for Local 1836. His experience ranges from heavy highway, driving piling, forming, shoring, and roadway construction control “surveying” to industrial scaffolding. “Focus areas for me are to keep our members working and expand opportunities for existing and new members,” Hughes said. “Growth in membership and opportunities for those members is essential for the health of the Union. As a representative I will continuously strive to help the Union grow and better the lives of all our members.”  Jeremy can be contacted at

Albino is also a 10-year member, who also serves as a Council delegate. His background centers on scaffolding and general carpentry. “As a Council rep, I will focus on educating the misinformed and recruit them to an organization that not only represents - but also makes sure - their fellow brothers and sisters get a fair share to strive for a better possibility in the work force,” Balderas said. “My hope is for everyone to have the same or even better opportunity than I have, to succeed and accomplish what they want.” Albino can be contacted at

Man has been with the carpenters union for 19 years. He is also active locally, holding posts as trustee, delegate and warden. Man is well-experienced in industrial scaffolding and framing, and has worked around the country in this industry as a crew member, foreman, and superintendent. “My focus is to secure work and to keep our members working so they can provide for their families,” Peavy said. “I am committed to seeing the state of Mississippi and the CSCRC achieve 70% market share.” Man can be contacted at

All three new Council reps are also graduates of several rigorous, proprietary leadership training programs (300-Hitter, 212 Journeymen, etc.) provided by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.  We are excited to watch these young leaders excel as Council Representatives and lead the way for our membership to secure more work.